Gaia Parquet | Passione per il mondo del legno
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Our mission is to fulfill the requests of our client with maximum reliability and efficiency.


Flexibility and speed in this accomplishment are essential concepts of our work and we have an enormous quantity of material available, which allows us to fulfill orders rapidly and precisely.


All our products are characterized by an excellent value for money and the possibilities of choice are unlimited. The different collections have been developed to embrace the requirements of every single client and the challenge for us is to always guarantee the maximum level of satisfaction and personalization. Thus, we offer a customer an all-round service, assisting the client in each phase of the process.


Wood is the integral part of our everyday life and we strongly believe that attention to detail is indispensable to reach our objectives. We only use certified products and of indisputable value, starting from the suppliers and the raw materials, which we chose with extreme attention.

Our products